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New cafe offers fresher, healthier choices

BY: Jennifer Lysiak, Lancaster Editor | January 08, 2014

LANCASTER- Just in time for the New Year and healthy eating resolutions, a new local café offers a twist on the fast food industry, with a menu filled with fresh, healthy, and tasty food.

Opening in December, Fresh Healthy Café, located at 1402 French Road in the Transit French Plaza, is the first franchise of its kind in Western New York, and one of only a few in the country and internationally for that matter.

Fresh Healthy Café Owner John Pasternack, who is also the owner of Construction Essentials, has partnered with Mike Gzyl to make this yearlong venture into a reality.

“John lives a very fit and healthy life,” remarked Gzyl. “He was looking for something he could do that would fit his interest. He was looking into maybe buying a gym franchise, but then he stumbled on Fresh Healthy Café.”

After vising the Cleveland café and trying some of the food, Gzyl said Pasternack absolutely loved it and thought it really fit his interest.

“The whole concept of Fresh Healthy Café is based on an alternative to fast food, basically healthy food,” explained Gzyl. “We have a wide variety of wraps, paninis, and salads. We offer smoothies and all the smoothies we have are made with pure fruit juice and fresh fruit. All the ingredients we use are fresh ingredients. We don’t have any artificial flavoring. Everything you get is fresh and healthy just like the name.”

All café smoothies are offered with a free fortifier. Customers can chose from whey/soy protein; energy; slim and trim, which is a fat burner and suppresses the hunger for carbs; immune support; multi-vitamin; flaxseed; and wheatgrass.

But the healthy options don’t end there as customers can also try the café’s soups, which have five grams of fat per serving and roughly 110 calories.

“They taste awesome,” commented Gzyl, who noted soup options change daily.

Yogurt, breakfast sandwiches, and some of the unique local offerings include sweet and savory crepes, anti-biotic, steroid, and hormone free meats, gluten free products and vegan menu items. They also have a full coffee/espresso bar with specialty coffees from Buffalo’s own Kornerstone Coffee.

“We are trying to use local [products] as much as we can to support the community,” said Gzyl.

Customers who come to the café will enjoy a casual seating area that includes a 62-inch flat screen TV and a specially equipped meeting room in the back with all the latest technology features for businesses, or club meetings that seats about 20. There is also free Wi-Fi throughout the entire restaurant.

“I think [Fresh Healthy Café] is needed in this area, I think it’s needed in every area, but in this area in particular, because if you look at what we’re surrounded by there are a lot of great restaurants, but they’re not the most healthiest in the world,” said Gzyl. “I think we have a niche in the market as far as being that healthy option. You can only eat fast food for so long until it catches up to you.”

Opening next to Catalyst Fitness, which is located next door to the café, was the ideal spot for the café and Gzyl said, it was a great way to get their initial customer base, however, health and fitness are broad terms that really do apply to everybody.

Lastly, Gzyl said in regard to what item on the menu he would recommend to someone it really depends on the person’s pallet, dietary needs, and what they are trying to get out of it.

For those who might not know exactly what to try, Gzyl added the staff is very knowledgeable on all of the café’s products and can suggest food options for anyone’s dietary needs.

“I think there is a need for something like this in this community and I think once people find out about it. It will be all the rage, I really do,” Gzyl said.

Fresh Healthy Café is opened 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday. To contact the café call 771-1870 or for more information visit www.freshrestaurants.com In addition, members of Catalyst Fitness will receive a 10 percent discount.

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2014-01-11 | 13:26:07
What a great idea for our area. I will definately stop by!