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Tradition continues at Community Table Get-Together

BY: Catherine Miller | April 18, 2014

SOUTH BUFFALO - Tradition. It’s one of the great things about South Buffalo. We have many. 

For the last twenty-three years South Buffalo has had a tradition of coming together each April and raising funds for the South Buffalo Community Table [SBCT]. Led by Sister Mary Celeste O’Bryan, the SBCT is the organization that takes it upon themselves to offer food and fellowship to the less fortunate of our community. SBCT, through generous community donations, has been able to offer meals six days a week for over three decades.

Held this year on April 12, a large portion of the funds for the Community Table are raised at the once-a-year fundraiser - the “Annual Get-Together” – and the South Buffalo residents come out in droves to support the event.

They donate funds, they donate food, they donate services, and if you are lucky enough, they donate their time – to tell you their story of what the event means to them.

Kathy Vogl Byrnes and Susan Wisniewski-Greenan grew up in South Buffalo off Seneca Street. While they no longer live within the city’s limits, the streets they once called home hold a special place in their hearts. It was where they played, went to school and church, and met lifelong friends.

“We are here to support South Buffalo,” stated Greenan, “We love South Buffalo and its residents.” Greenan noted that they enjoy getting reacquainted with old friends from the community each year at the Annual Get-Together event.

The SBCT Committee and friends were more than happy with this year’s turn out.

“You hope and pray it will be a success,” stated Katie Schroeder, “and then somewhere around 8:05 the doors become packed with people coming in and it’s wonderful to see. It is such a good cause.”

Another annual SBCT tradition is the opening and closing of each fundraiser event with the sounds of the Stonebridge Band. While the night is filled with amazing local musicians that astound the masses each year, the Stonebridge Band is the group the people expect to get them started at the beginning of the evening, and then let them know when the event is winding down. And by that time the dance floor is packed.

This year Kevin Wolf, having just turned 21 years old, kept the dance floor in motion throughout the night never missing a beat, and he was joined by dozens of others. After twenty-three years of “Annual Get-Togethers” some attendees weren’t even born when the event was initiated. For others – it’s a family tradition.

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