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The Osmond's Set To Play Five Shows at Seneca Allegany Casino

Jay, Merrill & Jimmy Osmond

BY: Melanie Hulick | April 21, 2014

The Osmonds Set to Play Five Shows

at The Seneca Allegany Casino in Salamanca

By Melanie Hulick

As the saying goes… “The more things change, the more they stay the same”. The Osmond family has been proving that for over five decades.

It was on the Andy Williams Show in 1962 that the world got their first real glimpse of the Osmond Brothers doing their harmonizing barbershop routine, and from there they skyrocketed to success creating “Osmondmania” by 1970, when they could barely make it to their dressing rooms through the droves of wild adoring teenage girls.

Three of the Osmond Brothers- Merrill, Jay and Jimmy, will be bringing the songs and memories of the past 50 years to the Seneca Allegany Casino Events Center for five shows in May.

The Osmond Family- Alan, Wayne, Merrill, Donny, Marie, Jay and Jimmy have collectively produced 53 gold and platinum records with over 100 million in sales worldwide.

The behind the scenes work that they have all had is extensive, not only in the entertainment industry, but on a more personal level as they have given of themselves to reach those in need from hurricane victims, to our troops fighting around the globe and especially to the care and needs of children through the Children’s Miracle Network, which was originally founded by their mother, Olive Osmond as the Osmond Foundation. Now known as the Children’s Miracle Network, the Osmond family has built it into the largest children’s charity in the world. The idea for this foundation came when the first and second born Osmond children, Virl and Tom, were born with hearing disabilities. It is because of this disability they were not able to join in the musical history of the other seven children.

I had the pleasure of talking with the youngest Osmond brother, Jimmy, recently and he shared some insight on why the family seems to have this magical recipe for success, and it has nothing to do with the many awards and achievements they have been showered with over the years from their peers in the music industry.

“It’s not about that for us. People don’t care what you did… they only care what you’re going to do for them. They are there to see the show so they can have their experience. We are just the lucky ones to give them those moments that take them back, and that’s fun for us,” said Osmond.

What can we expect from their shows in May? According to Osmond, “We’ll be doing a little bit of pop, country, rock & roll, gospel… I think people always gravitate to the music that was from a good time in their lives, so we have something for everyone. We are looking forward to coming back to the area… it’s always a good time.”

For ticket information please visit: www.senecacasinos.com and click on Seneca Allegany

For more information on the Osmond family and what each has been doing visit: www.osmonds.com

A Conversation with Jimmy Osmond

By Melanie Hulick

HULICK: We are so excited you guys are coming this way.

OSMOND: Well thank you. We love it up there. People are always so nice. We have a lot of history there.

HULICK: I’ve read your bio and I can’t believe everything you’ve done. You have your own production company, you promote concert tours, and the list goes on and on.

OSMOND: (laughs) Don’t believe everything you read. It looks like a lot, but in 47 years of performing you can do a lot of projects one at a time that are diverse, and I think that has kind of been our thing. We all love to try new things. We haven’t succeeded in all of it, but it’s been a great ride.

HULICK: One of the most recognized segments associated with the Osmonds is the “I’m A Little Bit Country, I’m A Little Bit Rock and Roll” from the Donny and Marie show. Can we expect to hear different genres of music at your show?

OSMOND: Yes. Merrill and Jay are with me and they are the ones that produce all the shows and they are the ones that actually created that segment. So we have put that in all our live shows because it’s their history too.

HULICK: I can’t imagine how many shows all of you have done collectively over the decades. Is it still fun for you?

OSMOND: We love doing what we do. You know the one thing we’ve learned when we do shows is that it’s not about us… we’re just there singing songs that were lucky enough to be on the radio. You find that you really transport people back to an earlier time when things were easier and they are remembering their lives through the songs that they heard on the radio. That’s kind of fun to have history with people. It’s a hard ask for people to go to shows nowadays and for some reason we’ve been really blessed… knock on wood… that people have chosen to continue to support our show. I think they “get it”… I think they realize that we are very appreciative and we know we wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for them. In the 1970’s we could never say hello to people. It was always us being rushed back stage. But now we’re enjoying our shows as if it was our last one, and I think we are having more fun than we ever had.

HULICK: I think another reason you have been so successful and draws people to your shows is your family values. You are so relatable.

OSMOND: You’re very kind. We’ve had our own share of problems though. We do a segment in the show called “Remember Me”, that is edited together so it features the members of the family that are retired, and I think people like it because you can look into their eyes and they are thinking of their own families and you are kind of the trip switch to help them do that. If we can continue to be a part of that, that’s pretty cool!

HULICK: I know you love performing in Broadway musicals and have played the Teen Angel in Grease and Billy Flynn in Chicago. Have you ever thought about doing a Broadway show based on your music and life?

OSMOND: We’ve been approached by a few producers but it never came together. You are right… I love being in those types of shows and it was so much fun playing those characters. West End in England (that country’s Broadway) is where I’ve spent most of my time, so that would be amazing. So we’ve been honored that some people have thought it was a good idea, but it’s not come together yet.

HULICK: You know I have to ask the question… how many children and grandchildren are in the family now?

OSMOND: 4,000….

HULICK: (laughs)

OSMOND: (laughs) You know, I am not sure right off hand, but I know it’s over 50 grandchildren and over 60 great grandchildren. That’s why we’re still working! (laughs)

HULICK: What’s the best thing about being Jimmy Osmond?

OSMOND: Well it has to be being Michelle’s husband and Sophia’s, Zachary’s, Wyatt’s and Bella’s daddy.

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2014-04-23 | 14:45:11
LOVE his answer to that last question! That is why *I* have loved the Osmonds for many, MANY years! Not JUST the music!!