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Find the book “Pieces of a Mending Heart” at

BY: Kori Sciandra | December 06, 2012

TONAWANDA - “This is my ultimate love story,” said Kristina Rovison, a junior at Mount St. Mary Academy, as she described her first published book.

At just 15 years old, Rovison decided to take the risk of allowing the world into her heart by pursuing her passion for writing.

“I love writing, so much. I think it’s important that people understand that God is there to help you. Even for those people that you wouldn’t expect - he is always there,” said Rovison. “Writing is my passion.

The book, “Pieces of a Mending Heart,” is based on how Rovison sees true love.

“I had the idea in my head for a really long time,” said Rovison, “It’s pieces of the story that I have always wanted to read, but no one else has ever written.”

The book is about finding who you are, with the help of other people. Rovison feels God and faith have play a big part in finding out who you are in life.

Katherine, a main character the book, physically meets god, which isn’t something that happens all the time. She finds her faith after a really traumatic experience, and meets a boy who had a similar traumatic experience to hers. He then helps her find her faith, explore it, and put herself back together.

Rovison found inspiration for making God a character in the book due to her faith recently growing stronger.

Her passion for writing developed in the sixth grade and carried over with her when she started at Mount St. Mary Academy. She attributes the development of her writing skills to her teachers at St. Amelia’s and mostly to her ninth and tenth grade English teacher, Mr. Feltgers.

“My entire school [St. Amelia’s] always pushed me,” said Rovison. “And then when I came here, my English teacher was fantastic. Mr. Feltges was really inspirational. It was such a personal class, he got to know all of us individually. He knew ours strengths and encouraged us to do what ever we wanted despite what other people said. He was the kind of man that you’ve always wanted to meet. He was someone who could guide you and help you with anything, and sometimes he didn’t even know he was helping.”

“Pieces of a Mending Heart” was published in September through self publishing. Rovison plans to release her second book, a sequel to the first, which is titled, “Fractured Heart” in the summer.

Rovison also has plans to release an unrelated book in the future, titled “Nefarious Crusaders.”

Rovison’s advice to all aspiring writers is to “write for yourself before you write for other people. It’s more important to write what inspires you, than to write what other people think you should write.”

She added, “You don’t have to be a Christian to read it. Yes, that is the central theme, but it appeals to so many different people that this isn’t something you should shy away from just because it mentions Christianity and God.”

“Pieces of a Mending Heart” is available on and will be coming to local book stores soon.

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