January 31, 2015

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Lakeview Animal Sanctuary barn fire takes the life of at least 40 animals

Oreo and his mother were among the animals lost in Tuesday's fire.

BY: Rikki Cason | September 12, 2012

PENDLETON — Tragedy struck Pendleton on Tuesday night as a barn fire claimed the life of between 40 and 60 animals.

Around 8 p.m. Sept. 11, a barn fire began at the Lakeview Animal Sanctuary, 5180 Fiegle Road in Pendleton.

It has been reported that a number of chickens, rabbits, peacocks, goats, an alpaca, a pig and a llama died in the fire.

Also among the animals that lost their life was Oreo, the baby lamb that was born on Easter Sunday. He was recently part of a community name the baa-by lamb contest, where members of the public nominated names and ultimately voted his name to be Oreo on July 28.

Oreo’s mother and sister also passed away in the fire.

“It’s just devastating,” said Jay Krull, a representative for the sanctuary.

Krull said the Lakeview Animal Sanctuary is in the process of determining what they need and how they will move forward. They will re-build the barn, he said.

Until then, surviving animals have been relocated to temporary shelters. Among the animals that survived the fire were a number of horses and a donkey. Thomas B. Butterball, the local celebrity turkey, was also saved.

Their current biggest need is for hay, straw, feed and other animal supplies for the surviving animals. Krull said most of the food and supplies were destroyed in the fire. They are also in need of basic items, such as old towels and blankets.

Those wishing to help or donate can visit www.lakeviewanimalsanctuary.com or the Lakeview Animal Sanctuary’s Facebook page. There they can find a list of some needed items. There is also a link to donate to the sanctuary.

Krull said as more information becomes available and future plans are made for the sanctuary, they will post them on Facebook and in their newsletter, available through the website.

The cause of the Tuesday night fire is still unknown and an investigation is ongoing. Krull said it is believed to be a possible electrical fire.

The Wendelville Fire Company responded and fought the fire.

The Lakeview Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that provides homes for unwanted, injured, abused or abandoned animals.

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2012-09-12 | 20:10:07
This is so sad. I've spent time there with friends attending their events and at one point considered volunteering my time there. I think now more than ever Lakeview needs my help.
2012-09-12 | 21:58:22
Another Fire
This is the 2nd fire they have had that have took the lives of innocent animals....a fire in the house and now the barn fire. How is this happening....I think you need to ask questions before supporting a business that may be more harmful than helpful.
2012-09-13 | 13:44:17
To "Another Fire" commenter
I know this organization and the people who volunteer to care for these animals. Your accusation is unfounded. Whenever and wherever wild or abused animals are found, Lakeview is one of the first places called. From a skunk at Lockport Library to baby raccoons to abused animals that can't be rescued by the SPCA - Lakeview takes them all in, gets them medical treatment and either rehabilitates them back to the wild or gives them a safe place to live out their lives. And its all funded by donations, not taxes. From preliminary accounts, the barn fire was an accident.
2012-09-13 | 23:03:33
To "Annother Fire" commenter
I was taught, if you don't have anything nice to say, you shouldn't say nothening at all..... "SHAME ON Y O U".
2012-09-18 | 03:24:37
Derogitory Accusations
"To "Annother Fire" commenter I was taught, if you don't have anything nice to say, you shouldn't say nothening at all..... "SHAME ON Y O U"" I second that!!! Unless you have in person direct personal knowledge or the fire was investigated and found to be suspicious and that this was not an accident you have absolutely no business making a statement like this. If you want to comment on people or organizations that intentionlly kill or torture animals, comment on one of the hundreds or thousands of "kill shelters" out there or the hundreds or thousands of research facilities that tortue and kill animals every day, even though this has been proven to not be a necessary because there other HUMANE methods to achieve what they are looking for WITHOUT TORTURING OR KILLING ANIMALS. This woman and the others that keep the sanctuary going with their hard work and dedication and never thinking of anything else except what these animals need and what is best for them and never think about doing anything else. These people deserve our admiration and respect and not unfounded accusations!
2012-10-19 | 11:56:25
They just need to get the place inspected a little better than they do, if they want to be sure their animals are safe. Smoke alarms, anyone?