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BY: Jessie Owen | January 11, 2013

SPRINGVILLE — The Springville Center for the Arts submitted a project extension request to the Springville Village Board, which discussed the query, during its Jan. 7 meeting.

Springville Mayor William Krebs reminded those present that the SCA was given ownership of the 5 East Main St. building this summer, contingent upon its agreement to completely rehabilitate that location.

Village Attorney Audrey Seeley said that the SCA agreed to have the building project completed within two years of the date the deed was recorded. The agreement with the village also stipulated that certain benchmarks be recorded.

“The SCA agreed that, within 180 days ... they would stabilize the building and present the village with project plans,” Seeley said.

The extension request did not ask for additional complete project time, but asked for four additional months to finish stabilization and project plans, beyond the original 180 days.

“They only need the board’s approval if they are going to go past two years, but it is a good thing they are communicating with the village,” Seeley said. “It’s clear that this is not an extension of time for the complete project; we’re not giving them two years and four months. The resolution would be to allow four additional months for the plans and stabilization [alone].”

According to Krebs, SCA Executive Director Seth Wochensky said he anticipates that the entire project at 5 East Main St. will be completed, before the two-year mark. “They are just asking for this extension because of the way their recent grants came in,” Krebs said.

Seeley asked that the resolution allowing the SCA four additional months for its first benchmark also include the reminder that the village must be presented with proof of insurance, before any work is done on the building. “I haven’t received anything,” she said. “I’m sure the insurance is there, but we have to have proof, so we can make sure everyone is in compliance. This resolution should include a request for proof of insurance.”

Code Enforcement Officer Michael Kaleta said that he has received drawings for shoring on the building at 5 East Main St.

The board approved Seeley to write up a resolution allowing additional time for the SCA’s project. The board members will vote on the resolution, at their next meeting.

The board also heard a request from Springville resident Steve Murphy, who asked that the village consider erecting a dog park for local pet owners. Murphy recommended that the project commence in the spring. “Dogs need to run,” he said.

Krebs clarified that a park of this type would be a fenced-in section of an existing municipal park, set aside for dogs to run in, off-leash. “There would be rules for dog behavior and cleanup,” he added.

Murphy said that he did not have a specific location in mind for the park, but asked that the board take a look at the section of village property adjacent to the Springville SkatePlex.

“Someone could watch behavior and, if someone did not clean up their mess three times, they’d be gone,” he said, adding that he got the idea for a dog park from one located near the Nike Base in Hamburg.

Krebs said that the board will take Murphy’s idea under advisement. “I’m sure a lot of people around here would want something like this,” Murphy said. “People love them.”

In other board matters:
– Village Administrator Timothy Horner asked that the board approve a change order for amendments to its engineering contract at the waste water treatment plant, to assure the village is in compliance with the American Recovery Act. This was at no cost. All were in favor.

– The board also approved a resolution accepting the completion of the project at the waste water treatment plant, which included bank stabilization, a digester cover, bar screening, inclosed building, a new driveway, a backup generator and more. Construction on this project began, in late 2009. The complete cost was $4.2 million; the village received $800,000 in grants, specifically to assist with the bank stabilization and $90,000 from its insurance, to cover damage from a storm in 2009.

The project was named the 2012 project of the year for emergency and disaster recovery by the American Public Works Organization. “This project was a long time in coming,” Krebs said, thanking all who were involved in seeing work done through its completion.

– Per a recommendation by Superintendent of Public Works Karl Lux, the board approved William Goss as a light equipment operator, effective Jan. 16. Lux said that Goss had the “support of the entire streets division and public works.”

– Horner presented the board with a list of four tentative budget workshop dates. A public hearing will be held in early April. “Our function is to come up with a balanced budget for the village,” Krebs said.

– According to Lux, a vehicle downed two poles on North Vaughn Street on Jan. 3, forcing the shutdown of electricity, for two hours, in a portion of the village. “The electric division worked cohesively and efficiently,” Krebs said, praising Lux and his department for the way the situation was handled. “It worked real smooth,” Lux said. “I believe the decision to shut off power was the best.”

– Board Member Alan Chamberlin said that the village control center has expressed concern with the number of open jobs at the center. These will be advertised on various websites. “This is a recurring problem at the control center,” Krebs said, attributing the issue to the fact that these jobs are part-time.

– The zoning board of appeals, the planning board and the historic preservation commission were all brought to full strength.

The next village board meeting will be held Jan. 21 at 7 p.m.

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