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'Muddy Paws Gourmet Treats' offers wholesome biscuits for your dog

BY: Jennifer Lysiak, Reporter | January 02, 2012

Lancaster resident Gina Spinelli-LaWall enjoys baking, but not always for a human palate. As a dog owner and lover, she feels that pets deserve the very best.

Like many people, she was astonished by the lengthy list of artificial ingredients, preservatives, chemicals, and fillers that went into store bought, mass produced dog biscuits and treats. Muddy Paws Gourmet Treats, a home based business Spinelli-LaWall started about two years ago, offers a variety of all-natural, preservative-free, homemade gourmet biscuits and treats for your dog.

Spinelli-LaWall was inspired to make wholesome and nutritious treats for her dogs, Sadie, a Golden Doodle, and Bailey, a Schnoodle, by using easily digestible human grade ingredients that contain no additives or fillers.

“Artificial ingredients are not only completely unnecessary but, also making many dogs and puppies sick with everything from skin allergies to digestive problems and everything in between,” said Spinelli-LaWall.

Spinelli-LaWall added that while some problems may be hereditary in a dog. It also has to do with the food and treats that on the market. Some chemicals, additives, and fillers include: maltodextrin, a food additive; mixed tocopherols, pyridoxine, and multiple artificial flavoring.

“I use natural chicken broth in my treats. I think if you’re making a chicken flavored treat it should have chicken in it. If you’re making a peanut butter treat it should have peanut butter it in. Why put an artificial chemical flavoring in it when you can use the real thing?” remarked Spinelli-LaWall.

Spinelli-LaWall eventually decided to offer her treats to other pet owners. At first, she partnered with a friend and just started doing it for fun, but then she decided to take it to the next level, which was to offer her treats on store shelves in local shops, pet boutiques, and markets.

She currently runs the business on her own, selling her treats and biscuits at the Williamsville and Clarence Farmer’s Markets, which are opened during the summer, and at Beach Bum Glass Cottage, a store in Hamburg. Spinelli-LaWall is hoping that in the future she will get her treats into more stores, or even open a store, as well as add more treat and biscuits varieties and flavors.

Right now, pet owners can choose from five different products. They are: Peanut Butter Oat Biscuits, Savory Chicken Parsley Biscuits, Basil Mint Breath Busters, Oven Baked Sweet Potato Chips, and Honey Wheat Rawhide Twist. Spinelli-LaWall mentioned that the natural beef hide is a purchased in the United States.

On certain occasions, she will also offer another item called Banana Chicken Jerky, which is a specialty item and very popular with dogs.

“Most of the treats I offer right now are crunchy and the reason is because I dehydrate them in the oven. I bake them low and slow in the oven. First of all, this will enhance the natural aromas and it also pulls out the moisture for a longer shelf life,” commented Spinelli-LaWall.

The dog treats are 100 percent safe and have been lab tested and registered with the Department of Agriculture and Markets. Spinelli-LaWall has spent countless hours researching her products and making sure what she offers is the very best for our furry friends.

Spinelli-LaWall added that pet owners should be aware that the big “No’s” for any dog to eat are raisins, grapes, onions, and macadamia nuts.

“I want people to know that I do have fun with this. It is not just work. I enjoy doing it and my dogs love it. I feel like I am doing something really good for the dogs. People can feel good about given their dogs my treats because they’re healthy and everything is all natural,” remarked Spinelli-LaWall.

Spinelli-LaWall will be offering her products at the Nickel City Cluster Annual Dog Show, which will be held from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Friday through Sunday, Jan. 13 to Jan. 15, at the Hamburg Fairgrounds Event Center. The Nickel City Cluster is three days of shows held yearly in the month of January. It is a combination of efforts from The Kennel Club of Buffalo and The Ashtabula (Ohio) Kennel Club. About 1,000 dogs each day are expected to compete in the Nickel City Cluster. Dogs from throughout the United States & Canada representing nearly all of the 162 recognized breeds will compete for American Kennel Club championship points & rankings.

For more information about Muddy Paws Gourmet Treats visit www.muddypawstreats.com or to purchase dog treats call 601-7421 or email muddypawsbiscuits@gmail.com.

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2012-10-19 | 23:10:36
I have been to a lot of dog shows and craft fairs and they have been there. Every time I have walked up to the tent the owner has been very non-social and kind of rude. The treats are wonderful but I refuse to buy due to her lack of personality. I am not the type to complain but she needs a reality check. The best form of publicity is word of mouth and I have nothing good to say about my experiences.
2014-02-26 | 00:44:59
I have to disagree. I think you may be confusing her with another dog treat baker/owner. Gina is always professional and happy to answer any questions that customers have. Perhaps someone else was running the tent that day? I have done shows with her and find her quite charming and knowlegable about her products!