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BY: Community Papers of WNY Staff | December 11, 2012

After 31 years of service to the Town of Cheektowaga, Lieutenant Gerald Jankowski is calling it quits.

Lt. Jankowski started his career with the Cheektowaga Police Department on Feb. 3, 1981. His last day is Wednesday, Dec. 5th.

As a patrolman, he held several positions including SWAT, Field Training Officer, Motorcycle Officer, Accident Investigator, and Firearms Instructor.

Lt. Jankowski was appointed to the SWAT Team as a patrolman in March 1988, and was promoted to SWAT Team Supervisor in March 1995. He was then appointed to Support Team supervisor in 2001. As part of his SWAT duties he helped supervise dignitary protection details for President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, First Lady Hillary Clinton, U.S. Senator Robert Dole, and Secretary Jack Kemp in the 1990’s.

In 1992, as a firearms instructor, he assisted in the transition of the entire police department to the new Glock Semi Automatic handgun, enabling the police officers to better protect themselves from deadly threats. He and the other range instructors were recognized for their efforts with a Special Unit Citation Award.

Officer Gerald Jankowski was promoted to Sergeant in October 1994 and spent many days working the front desk till he was back on the road as a Patrol Sergeant in November 1999.

In March 2003 he was promoted to Lieutenant where he was assigned to the patrol division on the midnight shift till November 2005 when he became the afternoon patrol lieutenant and has been assigned to ever since.

In his years as a lieutenant, he was very active with the various block clubs on the east side of Buffalo as well as the taxpayers groups in the Town of Cheektowaga, attending their meetings and developing lasting relationships with the people of the town as well as the surrounding Buffalo neighborhoods.

He worked closely with the Town Patriotic Committee on many projects and was instrumental in the founding of the first ever Crabapple Festival in Town Park.

Through the years Lieutenant Jankowski has received several awards and commendations including the Chief’s Medal of Valor Award for subduing a distraught man with a loaded shotgun on George Urban Blvd in April of 1990. He also received four Distinguished Conduct Awards and many letters from the public.

Lt. Jankowski was very active with the International Visitor Leadership Program, where police commanders from across the globe came to western New York and went on ride-alongs with the Cheektowaga Police. Over the years the Cheektowaga Police hosted over 35 police administrators from countries such as Jordan, New Guinea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Israel, and others.

“Lt. Jankowski was the leader and rock of the afternoon shift for many years and will be missed by his men and the community alike”, said Captain Jim Speyer

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