January 30, 2015

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THE FOUR H’S — Erie County legislators Joseph Lorigo, John Mills and Lynne Dixon are shown, above, speaking to a crowd gathered at Hilbert College to learn more about the 4-H program.

BY: Andrew Manzella | December 07, 2012

ERIE COUNTY — An informational meeting, regarding the 4-H organization, was recently held at Hilbert College’s Swan Auditorium.

Erie County legislators John Mills, Lynne Dixon and Joseph Lorigo, along with representatives from the Cornell Cooperative Extension, hosted the event, held Wednesday, Nov. 14.

Information about 4-H programs for young people ages 5 – 19 was made available to the public. The 4-H organization offers programs in categories such as healthy living, animal science, community service, science and technology, plant science and natural resources.

Laurie Korb, a 4-H community educator, said, “We had a great turnout. Probably close to 50-plus people.” She said that the stated goal of the meeting was to raise awareness about what 4-H has to offer.

Mills said, “Last year, a young constituent contacted me. She asked if I would purchase a pig she had raised, that was going to be sold at an auction. I attended the 2011 Erie County Fair, with then-County Executive Chris Collins, and we purchased the pig, named Shirley, pardoned her and donated her to Hidden Valley Animal Adventure, where she enjoys her new home.”

Many of the 4-H participants compete at the Erie County Fair, which showcases projects that the club members worked on, during the year.

“I again met with young 4-H program participants at this year’s fair, touring the exhibit building and barns,” Mills said. “I am astounded by the dedication shown by these young people.”

The 4-H organizers at the event said that the program teaches children “positive morals and strong community ideals.” They said that young people involved in 4-H can learn the skills needed to be a leader and to give back, through community service.

THE FOUR H’S — Erie County legislators are pictured, above, chatting with a 4-H event organizer and 4-H participants.Dixon said, “We had a lot of families attend [the event] and I think the enrollment numbers will increase, as a result of letting them know more about what 4-H is all about. Many attendees were impressed by the opportunities available and that there truly is something for everyone. Myself and my colleagues will continue to help 4-H reach out to families, in hopes of making the program better, each year.”

Lorigo said, “It was great to hear the kids tell of their experiences in their own words. Also, nice to see so many families come out, to learn about all 4-H has to offer, from crafts, to livestock, to public speaking.”

Lorigo said that individuals who would like to get involved in 4-H may contact his office, at 858-8922.

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