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Store Manager Debbie Reed and Pharmacist Chris Sauls greet every customer as if they were family.

BY: Kori Sciandra | December 11, 2012

WHEATFIELD - Opening as a new business at The Summit Park Mall in 2005, Summit Park Pharmacy was thriving for its first three years.

“Right at the three year mark we had just started building and growing,” said Store Manager Debbie Reed.

However, when the mall closed the pharmacy was forced to find a new location.

“It was a little difficult, because we wanted to stay in Wheatfield. We wanted to be a Wheatfield based pharmacy,” said Reed. “The nice part about the transition was that we were able to keep all of our customers, because once we moved we started offering delivery.”

Summit Park Pharmacy offers much more than the option of having your medicine delivered to your home. The pharmacy believes customer service is the key to making their customers, who they refer to as family, feel comfortable as soon as they enter into the store.

Reed made note of how much she and the store value the pharmacist at the Niagara Falls Boulevard location, Chris Sauls.

“This comes so natural to him. He goes above and beyond. He’s so caring and so patient,” said Reed. “Patients feel like they are part of his family. It’s kind of amazing. Not only to work with someone like that, but to have that right here in Wheatfield. I feel like we are one of the best kept secrets in the area.”

Sauls, who has been with the store since the day it opened, feels it is his responsibility to make sure his customers are sent home with the proper medication and the proper instructions for use.

“I feel that as a pharmacist it is my responsibility and my job not only to get them their medicine, but to make sure they understand how to take it. That includes the benefits they will receive from taking it, as well as, maybe some things they need to look out for.”

Slaus added “Not just their meds, but other non-traditional stuff they can look for that will help them as well. For example, folks that come in and are complaining about heart burn can use an extra pillow at bed time that will prop them up and help that feeling subside. I don’t just have to throw a med at our customers. It’s really just about getting to know your customers and what will work for them.”

Both Reed and Sauls know their customers by their first names. Every customer has the 24-hour, after hours contact number, which leads directly to Reed who can connect the customer with Sauls at any time of day.

“It’s important to us that our customers understand the medication they are taking and why,” said Reed.

Sauls feel the same when it comes to providing the utmost customer service possibly for their customers in order to make them comfortable.

“It’s personal here,” said Sauls. “That’s our focus and our goal. When you walk through that door you feel like you are family. When a new customers comes into the store we try to spend a little time with them and try to learn as much as we can about the history of their health.”

He went on to say, “If they need something, they can always reach us. We are here to help.”

Summit Park Pharmacy is currently offering flu shots, the shingles vaccine and a Dispill program, which aids to those patients who may need assistance with sorting out their daily or weekly pills into a pill box. The Dispill Program takes care of the hassle for you with a software available at the pharmacy.

Stop into Summit Park Pharmacy to see what the store has to offer and find a new home for all your medical assistance.

“You can go most anywhere and pay the same price, but if folks give us a chance we are one hundred percent confident that they will wish that had came to us sooner,” said Sauls.

The store is owned by Steve Giroux and Richard Klenk, but mostly ran by both Reed and Sauls. Summit Park Pharmacy is located at 2578 Niagara Falls Blvd., Niagara Falls.

For more information, contact the store at 731-3500.

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