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New 2 You: High on quality, low on price

BY: Jennifer Lysiak, Lancaster Editor | November 21, 2012

LANCASTER, ALDEN- After six years, New 2 You Store Owner, Melissa Corcoran has grown her inventory significantly, putting out for purchase on average at least 200 new items a day, and if you haven’t had the chance to stop by well, she has a message for you.

“You really don’t know what you’re missing,” she said. “Every day customers will find something new in the store.”

Offering unique items that you necessarily can’t find at just one location, New 2 You is your one stop shop.

“So, whether you’re decorating a house, or you’re looking for an outfit for a holiday party, a small gift for somebody, or a necklace, we offer new and used items at a great deal,” said Corcoran. “Also, we do provide affordable Christmas shopping for everybody. You can really maximum your dollars by shopping local with us.”

Corcoran said her goal is to become a destination for people somewhat like Vidler’s in East Aurora or the Marilla Country Store.

“We want people to know we are worth the ride out, because there is so much offered here,” Corcoran said. “You’re not just going to be in here for two minutes. It is a place where you’re going to spend some time and really get to see a wide variety of items.”

The store is filled with clothing for men and women, jewelry, purses, shoes, household items, small décor gifts, furniture, and a kid’s corner offering new and gently used toys. New 2 You is a consignment shop that is not just about clothing. There is also a section of the store called the “Man Cave” filled with items any man would love.

“This a place where you will come and get new and used things that are in great condition, if not like new, at a great price in a wonderful shopping experience,” remarked Corcoran. “You could walk through the store five times and always find something new. There is such a huge volume of variety.”

Also, a unique quality about the store itself is that items that are for sale are displayed so that customers can visually picture how it would look in their homes and the clothing is organized in a way so it is convenient for shoppers.

Appointments must be made if you wish to consign, but keep in mind Corcoran is very selective in what she accepts and it must be in new like condition.

“We hear on a daily basis people whispering to each other, ‘is this stuff new?’ And that’s what we want people to do, because yes there are a ton of new items in here, but there are also things in here that are gently used and I want people to be unsure,” explained Corcoran.

Come January, the shop will relocate from its current location to the unit next door, said Corcoran, which will provide more space.

“We are going to be doubling our square footage and with that I believe we are going to be the largest consignment store in Western New York offering the largest assortment of items,” she said. “The clothing will probably triple in size compared to what we currently offer and the household [section] will probably be six times bigger.”

After many years in business, Corcoran said she is going to apply what she has learned in that time to her new space, mentioning it is going to be like a “mini department store.”

In addition, for those who are looking to do some affordable holiday shopping, New 2 You is the ideal place to go, but Corcoran mentioned that customers do not have to wait for the holidays to get a great deal, because the deals are year round.

“We always have sales and specials going on. There is always a deal here,” remarked Corcoran.

New 2 You, located at 13119 Broadway, in Alden, will be open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday through the holidays. To contact the store call 937-7840. Also, gift cards are available.

“I love consignment shopping myself and I really believe that our shop is one of the coolest one’s out there,” remarked Corcoran. “This store excites me and I work here every single day. It makes me happy to be in here. We put a lot of time into what we do and I think it shows. It makes for a really fun and different shopping experience and that’s what we’re all about.”

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