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I SOLEMNLY SWEAR — East Concord Town Supervisor Gary Eppolito (far right) swears in the Mortons Corners Fire Department’s chiefs. Photo by Dave DeLuca.

BY: Dave DeLuca | April 12, 2013

SPRINGVILLE — The Mortons Corners Volunteer Fire Department held its 66th annual installation dinner on April 6.

The event was catered by Apple Dumplin’ Restaurant and music was provided by NY Rockin’ Revue.

Department Chief Steve Bugary acted as the speaker of ceremonies and manned the microphone, throughout the night.

Bugary welcomed attendees to the dinner. Truck 2 Captain Bob Darling led attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance and a member of NY Rockin Revue sang the National Anthem.

Bugary recognized several guests, including Jim and Elaine Krezmien, Matt and Kim Willibey, Darlene and Chuck Schweickert and Leslie Gibbin. Kevin Mumbach volunteered as the bartender, for the evening’s festivities.

Following the dinner, awards were distributed. The department responded to a total of 51 calls, in 2012. The top five responders included Don Haley, with 30 calls; Bob Darling, with 31; Patrick Timmel, with 37; Brenda Singleton, with 41 and David Brooks, with 45.

Ryan Lilley and Lenard Story received awards for their “honesty and support.” Patrick Timmel and Kevin Story were given service awards, for their five-year commitments to the department.

Junior explorers Randy Darling, Tucker Grimm, Lilley and Jordan Story were recognized, for their contributions.

Other individuals were acknowledged, for their years of service. Chris Bacon received tenure. Frank Wise was commemorated for 20 years, Brian Schneider was recognized for his 30 years and Mike Schneider was commended for his 50 years.

The department’s Explorer of the Year Award was presented to Lilley.

YOU DESERVE IT, CHIEF — Frank Boice, left, presents Jeff Singleton with the firefighter of the year award.Taking home firefighter of the year honors was Jeff Singleton. “This person is very outgoing and full of expertise, in the fire and EMS field,” Bugary said, about Singleton. “Jeff has never let me down. At any time, I could call for his help, day or night; if I called for his assistance, he was there. He has served over 26 years in the fire and EMS field.”

East Concord Supervisor Gary Eppolito swore in the officers for 2013.

Taking their oaths were President Bob Darling, Vice President Matt Schneider, Secretary Shannon Metzger, Treasurer Florence Schneider, Sergeant at Arms Lilley, and Legal Counsel Bugary.

The board of directors included Kris Bacon, Frank Boice, Brian Schneider, Cheryl Story, Kevin Story and Timmel.

The 2013 line officers were also recognized. The chiefs include Jeff Story, Mike Schneider, Singleton and Bugary.

Representing their trucks as captains are Darling, Truck 3 Captain Darryle Brooks, Truck Captain Dave Brooks and Bugary, who will captain Truck 7.

Cheryl Story is the fire EMS captain. Acting as fire police captain is Don Haley. Singleton took on the role of equipment officer and Matt Schneider was named the training officer.

“As an elected official, we’re here to do a lot of official duties,” Eppolito said, to those he was swearing in.

“One one of the things I’m always proud of, is being asked to come in front of the fire departments. The job that you guys do is probably the most important thing you can do, to give back to the community.

“The town board is well aware of the kind of time and training you people put in; not to mention the kind of risks that go on,” Eppolito added.

ROCK ON — NY Rockin’ Revue is pictured in a performance that ended the event’s festivities.The floor was cleared for dancing and music by NY Rockin’ Revue, to end the nights festivities.

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