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BY: Jennifer Lysiak, Lancaster Editor | July 17, 2012

LANCASTER- It was a record-breaking year for the Ford Lords Classic Car Club as its 34th annual Ford Lords Customs and Classics Car Show brought in a total of 331 registered cars.

The show was held Sunday, July 8, and vehicles of all makes and models filled the George F. Lamm Post, in Williamsville, parking lot. An event that allowed car owners to showcase their “pride and joys” to more than 800 spectators to be exact, always brings car enthusiasts in from around the local area as far as Pennsylvania, Rochester, and even Canada.

“It exceeded our expectations,” remarked Barbara Poules, president of the Ford Lords Car Club.

One of the participants in the show was Jim Godwin of Orchard Park, owner of a 1965 Shelby Cobra, who recently acquired his vehicle this past December from Piedmont Technical College, the automotive division, in South Carolina.

“I wanted a Shelby Cobra my whole life and this one became available and I couldn’t pass it up,” remarked Godwin.

The Cobra is a factory five, which is basically as race car with skin on it, said Godwin.

The special features include a five-liter electronic fuel injected engine and the most expensive thing on the car is the paint job.

“It is No. 75 Lamborghini paint, real Lamborghini paint,” said Godwin. “Those are the things that make it a little different.”

Also, at the show were husband and wife, John and Diane Stauder of Lockport, who each showcased their own cars. John drives a 1927 Model T, which he has owned since 2008, and Diane has a 1926 Model T.

“I have always liked the antique vehicles ever since I was a little kid, but when you’re paying for a mortgage and supporting a family that’s not exactly something you would want to purchase,” said Diane. “Then one day I was on vacation, in 2006, I was surfing the net and I was looking on EBay and this one popped up.”

Diane said she put a bid in and five days later she won the car. She traveled all the way to Columbus, Ohio, for the car.

What’s even more interesting about the Stauder’s is they do the majority of the restorations themselves. Both Model Ts had to be restored and working side by side, the Stauder’s were able to capture the original essences of the cars.

“He does all the mechanic work and I do the aesthetics,” remarked Diane.

Right now, the Stauder’s are restoring a 1914 Model T Touring car.

“The car is a complete tear down, but when that one comes out it is going to be beautiful,” said Diane.

The proceeds from the car show are kept right in Western New York area. Over the last 34 years donations were made to Women and Children’s Hospital, Toys for Tots, Lothlorien Therapeutic Riding Center and Heritage-Oak Foundation, Hospice, and Variety Club, to name a few. The club also helps those holding local fund-raisers for individuals who need help because of have medical reasons.

The Ford Lords Classic Car Club was established in 1978 by a group of friends, who at the time all drove Fords. The name came from the 1973 movie “Lords of Flat Bush” starring Henry Winkler and Sylvester Stallone.

Today, the club consists of approximately 26 members owning vintage 50’s and 60’s era automobiles. You can find the club participating at various benefit car shows, parades, dances, and cruise nights all summer long.

“We will definitely continue the show for next year,” said Poules. “We’re very pleased with the show and we thank those who participated.”

For more information about the Ford Lords visit www.fordlords.com.

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