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Lockport police reports for the week of Jan. 28

BY: Rikki Cason | February 03, 2013

Police reports from the

Lockport Police


Jan. 30


Charles A. Restivo, III, 41, 5706 Otto Park Place, Apt. E, Lockport was charged Wednesday with driving while intoxicated, resisting arrest, leaving the scene of an auto accident and obstructing governmental administration.

Patrol responded to Niagara Street for a report of an accident. Patrol was advised that one of the vehicles involved was attempting to leave the scene. The witness flagged down patrol and said the driver of one of the vehicles was in the rear of 276 Niagara St.

Patrol observed a male and female walking toward the backyard and the man allegedly fled on foot upon seeing police. Patrol pursued the man, who jumped over several fences. The man was taken into custody on Park Avenue.

Patrol did observe Restivo had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage and red, glassy eyes.

He was given a field sobriety test, which he failed.


Charles Rizzo, 51, 799 E. High St., Apt. 3, Lockport was charged Wednesday with fourth-degree grand larceny.

On Jan. 29, patrol responded to East High Street for a larceny report. Patrol spoke with the victim granddaughter who stated her father had been stealing from her grandmother.

The victim is legally blind and was recently notified she is being evicted from the apartment she shares with her son.

The granddaughter began looking over her grandmother’s financial statements and found several unauthorized withdrawals from her bank account. She also believes several pieces of gold jewelry and prescription medications were missing.


Joseph M. Andrews, 36, 101 Spalding St., Apt. Upper, Lockport was charged Wednesday with unlawful possession, second-degree menacing and criminal possession.

Patrol responded to a report of a male wielding a baseball bat. Patrol located the male on Washburn Street near Evans Street with a bat in his possession. Andrews reportedly was engaged in an argument with a group of males at the Gulf station.

Patrol spoke with the males who said after a verbal dispute in the parking lot, Andrews allegedly returned armed with a bat and threatened them.

During the booking process, Andrews was found to be in possession of a green, leafy vegetable substance. The substance field-tested and showed positive for marijuana.


Shane D. Higgins, 42, 2460 Beebe Rad, Wilson was charged Wednesday with fourth-degree grand larceny and issuing a bad check.

The victim came into the police department on Jan. 23 to report on Nov. 30 a fraudulent check was passed to her by Higgins.

He allegedly gave her a check in the amount of $2,300 for two cast iron fireplace covers. The check stated Surety Construction Company, which Higgins said he owned.

When she cashed the check, she found the account frozen and was advised it was fraudulent and she had to repay the bank.

When police contacted the construction company, they learned that check was 10 years old and Higgins never worked or owned the company.


Judy D Hundshamer, 54, 1621 Jonesmill Road, was charged Wednesday with criminal possession and criminal nuisance.

On Sept. 23, patrol responded to the area of Lock and Grand Street for a report of a male and female who were assaulted by a group of males. Patrol found two victims in the roadway and both were bleeding heavily from the head.

The male victim had several large lacerations to the face and head. The female victim had one large laceration to the top of her head.

According to them, a female living on Lock Street was suppose to sell them cocaine. Once inside her residence a fight broke out and both victim’s suffered head injuries.

Patrol returned to Lock Street to speak with Hundshamer, but she did not answer the door for police. While checking the area, patrol located a silver bat with black paint, which matched the description given by Hundshamer earlier.

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