September 01, 2014

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BY: Metro Source Staff | December 08, 2012

The Niagara County History Center is pleased to welcome local Korean War veteran Stephen Lacki who will present a free public program titled, “KW60,” at 2 p.m. Dec. 12, at the History Center, 215 Niagara St., Lockport.

Lacki is a local Ambassador to the U.S. Department of Defense for the Commemoration Committee that is overseeing the 60th anniversary of the Korean War. This group has adopted the moniker KW60.

The Korean War was the first test of the United Nations’ resolve to stand against tyranny in all of its forms. Twenty-one nations banded together with the United States and South Korea in a remarkable display of solidarity to stem the tide of communism. The Korean War also saw the advent of aeronautical, medical and societal change: Helicopters were introduced to transport casualties to field hospitals; jets became the new “standard” for aircraft; leading-edge radio technology allowed better coordination of troop movements; and Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals (MASH) units placed experienced medical personnel closer to the front, improving a wounded soldier’s chance for survival.

The Armistice signed in 1953 that remains in effect today reminds us we must remain vigilant against the forces of tyranny and oppression. Through the mission of KW60, Lacki and others remind us that we must never forget the selfless sacrifices of the veterans who fought in Korea to ensure the freedom and prosperity that we enjoy today.

Lacki is a frequent writer on the topic of the Korean War. He will be presenting from his first hand experiences as a Marine Corporal during the conflict and explaining events surrounding KW60 at the program at the History Center.

For more information please call the center at 434-7433.

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