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BY: Kori Sciandra | December 27, 2012

TONAWANDA - As a little girl, Town of Tonawanda resident Christy Laughing enjoyed writing all different types of literature. Beginning with poetry in junior high school, Laughing’s talent was discovered by her sixth-grade English teacher at Allendale Middle School, West Seneca.

“She used to assign us a letter of the alphabet, and ask us to write a poem about it,” said Laughing. “One of the letters she assigned me was ‘O’ and I wrote a poem about Ollie the Octopus. She immediately pulled me aside and encouraged me to pursue my writing.”

As an adult, writing came back to Laughing as she decided to accomplish her long-time goal of becoming an author.

“It’s something I always wanted to do and I had a little down time, so I just went ahead and did it,” said Laughing.

As an administrative assistant, wife and mother of three grown children, Laughing’s love for writing also comes with her love for the outdoors. She and her family often enjoy riding their four-wheelers together and taking some time out of their busy lives to spend a weekend camping in the wilderness.

Although she loves the outdoors, she spent some time inside to pursue her passion to write.

“You have to take time to learn your craft, and to learn your industry,” said Laughing as she explained how to get started in the business.

Each of Laughing’s novels took about one-year to write. She has published three police detective crime novels titled, “Closer than a Brother,” “Beyond the Call of Duty,” and “United We Fall,” which will be released in January 2013.

In the first book, “Closer than a Brother,” a core group of detectives developed and Laughing has used those characters throughout the series. The detectives are from Niagara Falls and work out of the Niagara Falls Police Department Detectives Bureau

“I did not know I was going to connect the books originally,” said Laughing. “In fact, I wasn’t completely sure where I was going with it. It all just developed when I started writing.”

“I love the concept of good verses evil,” said Laughing. “And I think you can really play that to its limits in a police novel. The fact that it takes place locally, is one of the fun things about it.”

Laughing recently finished her third novel, slated to be released in January 2013 and is currently working on a romance novel.

“In the romance novel, they [a couple] travel through time. A few of the stops they visit as they travel through time are based on police work,” said Laughing as she described her upcoming romance novel.

She also plans to find time in the near future in between being a loving wife to her husband Steve, adoring mother to her children, and working full-time to write a fourth book in her series of police detective novels.

Laughing added that being rejected when beginning the quest of writing a novel is part of the process, and would like to remind upcoming authors that self-publishing is also a way to pursue releasing your book to the public.

Laughing’s novels are available on her website at www.laughingalltheway.net; Amazon.com; Kindle; and will soon be available at Talking Leaves Book Store. Visit Laughing’s website to view other aspects of her writing and read first hand experiences of other readers and how laughing can sometimes work as the best medicine to get through tough times.

“Sometimes you can help people get through things by sharing your own experiences with them,” said Laughing.

Look for Laughing’s latest novel in January.

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