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Lockport City School District works on transparency

BY: Rikki Cason | February 09, 2012

Lockport — Residents of the Lockport City School District will now have more ways to be informed about the decisions of the board of education.

Superintendent Michelle Bradley announced Wednesday that residents can visit their website and now find documents that will be used during the meeting.

With a new state transparency law taking effect, requiring local governments to be more transparent to the public, Lockport will be required to post documents that are to be discussed at meetings and agendas on their website.

Bradley said that if residents visit www.lockportschools.org and click on the “our district” tab, followed by “board of education,” they will come to a link called “agenda and meeting materials.” The documents include agendas, meeting minutes from previous months, business matters, personnel matters and policies.

Budget information is now also online on the district’s website. Residents can view the budget development calendar, learn an overview of the new property tax cap, learn an update on where the district is in the budget process and how much state aid Lockport will get for the 2012-13 school year. The site also includes the budget vote polling locations.

“As we continue through the process we will continue to update this site,” said Bradley.

In other board news:

• Lockport may soon decide to go paperless in the way they handle documents for the board. With the increase in e-documents, board member Edward Sandell asked if they could start looking at the option of viewing documents online versus printing ever board document off for each of the nine board members, superintendent and staff.

Bradley said that they will be attending a seminar next month on how to become a paperless board and will report to the board of education their findings.

Board member Diane Phelps worried about personnel files and other private documents being put on the Internet, where the public could potential access it.

Other board members suggested coming up with a password protected area that only board members, the superintendent and her office could access.

• The board was notified that they would soon have to elect/re-elect a member to the Orleans/Niagara BOCES Board of Education to representative the district. Nominations have to be in by March 22 and the board will have to elect the representative on April 24. Currently, Joanne Woodside holds this position.

• The board had their first review of several polices that will be voted on at this week’s regular board meeting. Policies include how the district handles fire drills, bomb threats, emergency closings, building and grounds management and maintenance and control of materials and equipment.

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