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BY: Jeff Martin | November 16, 2012

The first Springville-Griffith Institute all-year class reunion weekend will be held next July, at Firemen’s Park in Springville. The event is tentatively scheduled for July 19 from 6 – 10 p.m.

Boston resident and local business owner Carl Emerling called the opportunity to offer S-GI graduates a reunion weekend a “big deal” and a way in which to keep up with other, surrounding communities.

“Many towns and cities hold these reunions,” Emerling said. “They’re very popular with the people who attend them. This takes Springville to the next level.”

Emerling said the upcoming months will involve a lot of planning and preparation. While all S-GI graduates are invited to the event, there will be an emphasis on those who graduated in years ending in a 3 or 8.

Emerling said that, in many communities, reunion weekends include food and entertainment, dancing and other activities. Although some Springville graduates already return to the area for individual class reunions, some graduates do not get back together, at all.

“I know the class of ‘72 didn’t even have a reunion, last year,” Emerling said. “Hopefully, they can make it happen, next year.”

Emerling said he is aware of a desire for this type of event, within Springville. One of the event’s supporters, Brian Huckle, is a 1968 graduate who, along with his twin brother, were athletes in Springville. “Brian really is the contact on this,” Emerling said. “He’s excited to see it happen.”

Huckle, who regularly attends his class reunion, said he feels that there is a growing excitement about the event, adding that, in East Aurora, where he now lives, graduates look forward to their annual, all-class reunions.

“Regardless of when East Aurora graduates graduated, they can always count on one time of the year when they can get together,” he said. “Even when Springville graduates get together now, there’s a big disconnect between the classes. Hopefully, this cures that.”

Emerling said the Boys & Girls Club of Springville will most likely head up preparations, with help from other, local organizations. Emerling said the event will be set up in a similar fashion to Springville’s Oktoberfest.

“But there’s so much to be done; a lot of planning,” he added. “We just want to get the word out as early as possible and generate as much interest and awareness as we can.”

Huckle said preliminary plans include an all-class event the night before the celebration, for attendees aged 21 and older.

The Saturday plans include an alumni golf event and a gathering for specific classes. A poster board inside the hall will offer attendees the chance to locate old friends and leave cell phone numbers where they can be reached.

“We still have a lot of figuring out to do,” Huckle said. “We just want to get the word out, as quickly as we can.”

Huckle said that local graduates are already posting information about the event on their Facebook pages.

For more information, email Huckle at or 432-8631.

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