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Lockport police reports for the week of Feb. 5

BY: Rikki Cason | February 11, 2013

Police reports from the

Lockport Police


Feb. 5


David J. Weeks, 53, 222 Cottage St., Lockport was charged Tuesday with third-degree assault, unlawful possession and second-degree menacing.

On Feb. 3, the victim called to report she and Weeks were arguing and he allegedly came at her with a small serrated kitchen knife. He also reportedly grabbed her and during the struggle she received an injury to her arm and shoulder area.

She told police Weeks did the same thing to her in December 2012 and he was arrested that time on drug possession charged.

She was on her way to the hospital and would report to the police station if she wanted to press charges.

Police responded to Weeks home late that day to check the welfare of him after being involved in a potential physical confrontation with the caller.

Patrol made contact with Weeks at his rear door and let patrol in. As patrol entered, they reported a strong odor of marijuana. Weeks was asked if he had any drugs in the home and he allegedly stated he had three small baggies of drugs.

One baggie came from the freezer in the kitchen and contained an off white substance with a mushroom like appearance. The second baggie contained a green leafy vegetable matter. The substance field-tested positive for marijuana. The third baggie contained several burnt ends of marijuana cigarettes.

They also took a serrated kitchen knife as evidence.

On Feb. 4, the victim came to the Lockport Police Department and made a statement. She said Weeks became upset when she was attempting to leave. She reported when she attempted to, he allegedly pushed her down causing her shoulder to hit the edge of the couch, causing pain. Week then reportedly lunged at her with a serrated kitchen knife and threatened to kill her.

Feb. 6


Garrett J. Oliver, 31, 7106 Old English Road, Apt. 2B, Lockport was charged Wednesday with criminal possession and false personation.

While on radar detail, patrol stopped a vehicle for 40 in a 30 mph zone. While interviewing the vehicle occupants, the front passenger stated his name was Garrett Oliver and his date of birth was 1980. Patrol checked with dispatch and confirmed there was an active warrant for Oliver, but his birth year of 1981.

Patrol spoke with Oliver again and he again gave a false date of birth, after being warned it was a crime.

According to police, prior to being placed in the patrol car Oliver was searched and found to be in possession of six white tablets with “M” and “57-71” imprinted on them. They were positively identified as Methadone, which is a controlled substance. Oliver did not have a prescription or any paperwork showing he is authorized to possess the tablets.


Timothy R. Roberts, 41, 197 Genesee St., Apt. 2, Lockport was charged Wednesday with petit larceny.

Patrol spoke to the witness that said a male was in the store attempting to sell loose cigarettes to customers, then tried to buy beer but didn’t have enough money.

When the male left, he reviewed the video surveillance and saw the male took two cans of Budweiser valued at $1.98 each.

A male matching the witnesses’ description was located and Roberts allegedly had three cans of Budweiser in his pockets. He was transported to Sunoco and identified by the witness.


Robert J. Sczepczenski, 31, 2955 Weston Ave., Niagara Falls was charged Wednesday with criminal possession and unlawful possession of marijuana.

Patrol was parked at the intersection of Ashley Place and Washburn Street observing vehicles as they passed. Police observed a vehicle, who the driver, Sczepczenski, had both hands off of the steering wheel near his face. Police reported he appeared to be lighting a pipe.

After witnessing the vehicle make a traffic infraction, police activated a traffic stop.

While approaching the vehicle a strong odor of marijuana was present. When asked to exit the vehicle, Sczepczenski allegedly stated there was marijuana in the center console area and also a pipe under the seat.

While inventorying the vehicle, patrol located two clear plastic baggies containing a green leafy vegetable matter and a pipe containing a green leafy vegetable matter.

They also observed in plain view two Suboxone film strips and a container of several pills. Patrol confirmed the pills to be Amphetamine Salts, a controlled substance.

Feb. 7


Christopher L. Cellini, 23, 165 East Ave., Apt. Lower, Lockport was charged Thursday with driving while intoxicated.

Patrol was driving behind a vehicle when it was observed performing a traffic infraction.

Upon approach of the vehicle, patrol could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage on the driver’s breath. Patrol had the driver perform several field sobriety tests and was transported to LPD for booking.

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