October 26, 2014

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Outstanding senior overcomes obstacles to obtain success

BY: Kimberly Snickles, Cheektowaga Source | December 18, 2012

A local senior may be disabled, but you certainly wouldn’t know it from reading his long list of accomplishments.

“There are so many things truly. He is respectful, extremely caring, and he is so well liked in the school because he is genuinely caring. Brandon is also one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met. He is willing to take on any challenge,” said Karen Brown, life skills teacher at Maryvale High School.

Brandon Federowicz, 19, was diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder when he was two-years-old. Although the disorder is supposed to hold a child back from being social and learning, that diagnosis never pertained to Brandon.

“He’s had many challenges along the way and he has made great strides,” said Charlene Federowicz, proud mom. “I actually had a girl come up to me and say I just have to tell you that your son inspires me to come to school everyday. I look forward to seeing his smile and his attitude.”

Brandon loves school so much that he had perfect attendance last year, a feat that is very difficult for students to obtain. His list of accomplishments is extensive ranging from outstanding achievement in business, outstanding achievement in advanced photography, athletic participation awards, and honor roll. His favorite subject is math because he enjoys solving problems quickly but he also likes to write scripts and shoot videos.

“I’m really good at computers and digital media and we also shoot videos for commercials and some health tips too,” said Brandon.

He received the Triple “C” award from Attorney General Eliot Spitzer in recognition of outstanding commitment to education, strong character, and exceptional courage. Brandon participates in several sports including golf, tennis, and swimming, where he received the coach’s award and the workhorse award. Not to mention he does the morning announcements, works as closing manager of the book store, and is president of the Maryvale Environmental Service Society.

“Brandon has shown an admirable dedication to the cause of environmentalism and has exhibited quite a knack for leadership as well. He is consistently positive and energized and this has been very contagious in our group,” said Ellen Svenson, Maryvale School teacher.

Brandon’s smile and good heart can genuinely light up any room and he really is an inspiration to all students who wish to cross barriers on their way to success. After graduation, Brandon will begin the Young Adult Life Transition in August at ECC South where he will earn his GED before he goes to college.

He said he still plans on visiting his teachers and principle at Maryvale High School after graduating.

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