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North Park demonstrates All Kinds of Kind

BY: Rachel Fuerschbach | November 24, 2013

North Park Junior High School social studies department recently created a video to Miranda Lambert’s song “All Kinds of Kind” that focuses on the underlying theme of bullying.

Principal Ryan Schoenfeld wanted not only to enhance culture and climate in the North Park school system but he also wanted to show the school in a positive way.

“I wanted to find a way to learn important things that we need to, but also be able to enjoy that process,” Schoenfeld said.

Upon receiving the 10 underlying themes given out from the state for schools to focus on, North Park chose bullying.

Students then researched historical struggles that aligned with bullying such as the Woman’s Suffrage Movement.

Social studies teacher Jeff Dinse, the brain child of the video that now holds more than 60,000 hits on YouTube and has been posted by Lambert to her Facebook page, came up with the idea to start this project.

Dinse said the project is one of the best things he has done in his education career.

The video shows both North Park students and teachers holding up white boards depicting what kind of “kind” they are, whether that is a child of divorced parents, a gymnast, a hockey player or a motorcyclist.

The idea for the video was to show the kids that they are different, but to be proud of those differences.

“These are tough years for a lot of kids, many students are struggling with who they are and who they are going to become someday,” social studies teacher Marcia Baehre said.

Incorporating the teachers into the video has allowed students to connect with teachers on a new level.

“The teachers who volunteered for the video wanted to show that they are real like everyone else,” Schoenfeld said.

After the video had been viewed by students, some have approached the teachers shown and shared their similar stories.

“Our hope is that students who aren’t coming forward are looking at the signs and privately taking comfort in knowing that there are some people like them, but also know that it is okay to be different,” Baehre said.

As the video grew larger, so did the overall project. More than 750 photos line the walls of North Park Junior High showing the kinds of people making up the school community.

“There is no mocking or ridiculing,” Baehre said. “That shows us that the kids like the project and that they are respecting everyone for being different.”

What had started out as a social studies project became the Panther Path, which has now moved onto its third phase.

Faculty has created an instructional video giving a lesson on how to create this type of video at your own school, creating an add on to be able to get the Lockport name out there.

The instructional video can be found on the Lockport School District website and the video “All Kinds of Kinds North Park” can be viewed on YouTube as well as the Lockport School District Website under North Park Junior High.

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