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TCCO building in need of new roof and seeking community assistance with funding.

BY: Kori Sciandra | February 07, 2013

TWIN CITIES - Known to the public as the umbrella for housing volunteer human service-related organizations such as Meals on Wheels, the North Tonawanda Food Pantry, and the Clothes Closet, Twin Cities Community Outreach, Inc. (T.C.C.O) has made it its mission to create a single location for each of these organizations to provide their services to the community.

TCCO purchased the building at 91 Ridge Road., North Tonawanda, for $1. Each of the three above organizations operates out of this building.

TCCO is responsible for paying all of the utility bills and maintenance costs for the entire building, and with the help of donations from the community, the non-profit organization is able to make those payments each month.

However, TCCO has encountered a bit of an obstacle heading into 2013. After enduring the repercussions of damages to the roof of the building in 2008, repairs were made to the already dilapidated roof. But, the repairs and general maintenance made on the roof over the years is no match for Buffalo weather.

“For years we have patched the roof, repaired it, and re-patched it,” said vice president of TCCO Greg Lureman. “It’s normal wear and tear that occurs and we have been able to keep repairing it through donations, but it’s old and worn out. We need a new one.”

He added, “We have applied for grants. But, we are looking to the community for help with funding to have a new roof installed.”

The estimated cost of installing a new roof on the building is $200,000.

TCCO has already received $2,000 from Niagara County, which will be added to the total amount of $200,000.

The building allows these three organizations to conduct their operations and help those residents in the community that are in need of these services. However, any donations that the three organizations receive are used toward the current needs of that specific organization. For example, if a donation of $1,000 is made payable to Meals on Wheels or the North Tonawanda Food Pantry, those funds can only be used to purchase items needed to aid that organization and are not transferable.

So, even though those donations from the community are valued and needed by these organizations, TCCO is also in need of some assistance in order to better the quality of services in which these organizations provide.

“Generally speaking, we get by on the donations we receive from churches, individual donors, and others. We make ends meet, but it’s tight,” said Lureman.

TCCO is looking for donations is any amount, however a substantial donation toward the installation of a new roof would greatly help the likely hood of the other three organizations being able to stay in one facility and continue their daily service-related operations.

“If we don’t raise enough money to replace the roof, we don’t know if the three entities will be able to continue operating out of this building,” said Lureman. “They might have to move and I don’t know if they will have anywhere else to go.”

Previously, the NT Food Pantry and Meals on Wheels were conducting operations out of local churches, or other facilities that were able to temporarily house them. However, covering the costs of utilities and maintenance does not come cheap.

With that came the formation of the TCCO.

The intent of TCCO is ease the responsibility and burden of these entities having to use community donations to “keep the lights on.” Therefore, the donations that are received can go further by getting put back into the community and helping those North Tonawanda and City of Tonawanda families who are in need of assistance.

Anyone who wishes to make a donation can do so my making a check payable to Twin Cities Community Outreach, Inc., 100 Ridge Road, North Tonawanda, 14120.

For more information, contact TCCO at 693-6010, ask for Bobbe Seekins; or contact Lureman at 695-7718, or by email at glureman@aol.com.

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