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Lucy Bensley Center renovations are in the works

BY: Jessie Owen | December 21, 2012

CONCORD — The Concord Town Board held a work session regarding the condition of the Lucy Bensley Center, prior to the regular board meeting on Dec. 13.

Glenn Cooley of E&M Engineers said that bids for the work will be sent out in January, with a three-week return time frame.

The Lucy Bensley Center, which is located at 23 North Buffalo St. in Springville, has no insulation. Cooley said that asbestos is also an issue and must be removed.

The building’s lighting, electrical system and heating and cooling systems were also discussed. Brick on the building’s main entrance has been damaged, due to winter salt applications, and must be repaired. Mortar on the building’s exterior, as well as the chimney and part of the roof, must also be fixed. Some outside painting is also necessary and the ground surface must be graded, to prevent additional water damage.

Cooley said, “It is difficult, currently, to see above the suspended ceiling tile that is [inside the center].” He added that, if the ceiling cannot be repaired, its replacement would add an extra $5,000 onto the budgeted repair amount.

While the building’s current security system and heat and smoke detectors are up-to-date and usable, they would need to be rewired, if a new ceiling is put into place.

The board discussed various bidding procedures, in an effort to keep the price low.

The project will cost approximately $103,000 and be divided into two phases. Town Board Member Paul Salzler recommended that the town bid out the phases, with additions and deletions, “and see how the bids come in.”

While the building must be vacant during renovations, the board said that it would not be responsible for the Concord Historical Society items that are currently housed in the center.

Cooley said that, although he is scheduled to retire on Dec. 28, he will assist the town throughout the project, if the board authorizes him to bid it out. The town will also need to give the Springville Area Chamber of Commerce, which is housed in the center, time to vacate the premises, before work begins on the building.

In other matters:
– Carolyn Robinson requested that Concord Bicentennial bunting located on the front of the town hall be removed. She also asked that the street light at the corner of Wheeler and Trevett roads be repaired, as she said that “it is off more than it is on.” Highway Superintendent Dennis Dains said he will look into this request.

– According to Town Supervisor Gary Eppolito, a new security system was installed at the town of Concord Hulbert Library. The former system was found to be faulty. An appropriation of $3,400 from the assigned unappropriated fund balance was made, to cover this cost.

– A bid opening for the town’s Going Places van was held Dec. 3. The low bid of $16,365 was received from Emerling Ford. Eppolito said, “If the town stays with [Erie County’s program], the town would not get a new van, until the end of 2013 or 2014.” Salzler will meet with Carl Emerling to inquire about applying for a Ford Grant, to fund a new van, in the future. The low bid for a new vehicle was accepted.

– The board approved a request from the Springville Boys & Girls Club to utilize the Concord Community Park for the annual Snowshoe Softball Tournament, scheduled for Jan. 26 from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. The club noted that it will instruct teams and spectators to refrain from bringing glass bottles into the park. Eppolito will be requesting a copy of the club’s insurance.

– Eppolito announced that several town residents have received letters indicating that their water lines are not guaranteed and that they must obtain insurance to protect them. Eppolito’s office has looked into this matter, and, according to the supervisor, “it is not true and the letter should be thrown away.”

– It was announced that Moore Road resident Ed Heary has installed a dry hydrant onto his property. The town is checking to see if any other residents would be interested in installing a dry hydrant.

An organizational meeting will be held Jan. 3 at 6:30 p.m., with the board meeting at 7.

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