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BY: Rikki Cason | September 05, 2012

The feeling people get when they get that very first strike and pins go flying, the first time they throw a ball as a child or even the first time a picture of a turkey followed by three x’s come on the screen. Those are all memories that will stick with a person throughout their life.

Wanting to create more of those bowling memories are Brad and Michelle Angelo.

Brad, a member of the Professional Bowlers Association and lifelong Lockport residents, has decided to follow his dream once more and open up a bowling center.

His wife Michelle said 11 years ago Brad decided to follow his dream of bowling to the PBA and has been on tour ever since.

Over the past couple years, she said he has been trying to find a way to get back home more, where he can be where he grew up and be with his family.

This led him to the decision to purchase the former South Transit Lanes, 6280 S. Transit Road.

Michelle said he likes to say he spent all his life learning to knock the pins down for a living and now he wants to come back and try and create that for others.

Despite some set backs in the closing process of the building, the couple, with the help of friends and family, have been working hard over the past few weeks to get the center up and running.

Brad Angelo Lanes opened for the first time at 11 a.m. Friday.

The bowling center now features a pro shop, game room, bar and a new kitchen. They will serve a variety of food, with some menu items being inspired by Michelle’s southern California roots.

The first weekend will feature open bowling and a DJ and karaoke during the evening. Bowling leagues will start this week and moonlight bowling will begin next weekend.

Michelle said they hope to cater to all of their customers from children to adults. They want to provide a family environment, where children can bowl in junior leagues, have birthday parties and have fun.

For adults they will have happy hour and drink specials and hope to create an “after hours” type atmosphere that all can enjoy.

Those hopping to perfect their bowling swing and learn from the 2002-2003 PBA Rookie of Year, will get that chance. Michelle said starting in the fall, Brad would like to offer a teaching league where he can work with bowlers and pass on his tips and techniques.

Michelle said they would like the bowling center to also have a retro feel and display pictures and articles from Lockport’s bowling greats like professional bowler Allie Brandt and Brad’s father Nin Angelo, who is known for his 19-week run on the 1960s “Beat the Champ” bowling television show.

Michelle doesn’t consider Brad Angelo Lanes to be an ordinary bowling center. She said they are looking to incorporate all sorts of ideas.

“We’ve really dreamt about this for a long time,” said Michelle. “We just didn’t know this is where all those dreams were going to come true.”

She said they thought about all the things they would like to have one day and now they have them in Lockport.

“This is us giving back to the community,” she said. “We want to start a new era of bowling for us.”

Brad will continue on tour in the PBA for the next few years and work his way back to running the center full-time.

The couple lives in Lockport with their children Dylan, 11, Brielle, 9, and Ryleigh, 2. The children have enjoyed spending time at the bowling center and will continue to help out.

“It’s been an incredible experience,” said Michelle.

For more information about Brad Angelo Lanes call 901-PINS (7467) or 589-5014.

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