November 29, 2014

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BY: Community Papers of WNY Staff | January 29, 2013

A Cheektowaga man was arrested Thursday, Jan. 24 after he robbed his neighbor’s apartment.
According to a police report, Adam Roehrig, 22, of Ridge Park Avenue, Cheektowaga was arrested for burglary. The officer observed several footprints leading from the front porch area and the footprints went across the front yard, close to the porch and then towards the north side of the home along the house near the driveway and then went to the door in the rear yard on the west side of the home.
The footprints were long, as if the person was sliding as they ran. The officer spoke with the victim, the lower tenant and homeowner, who stated that she came home early from work because National Fuel Gas was supposed to be there to turn on the gas for the upper tenant, the offender.
The victim stated that she arrived home and entered through the rear door on the East side of the home, which leads to a hallway used by the offender to go upstairs to his apartment.
She immediately noticed that a door in the hallway, which leads to a common area of her apartment, was unlocked. She told police that the door is always locked and she is the only person with keys to the door.
The victim stated that she used her key to open the door leading to her apartment, but it was stuck. As she tried again and the door opened, she heard a loud squeaky noise and a bang. She said it is the noise that the front door makes when it is closing.
She went to the door and noticed that a large box containing glass table top was moved against the wall. The front door was unlocked and the front screen was also unlocked.
She stated she never uses those doors and they are always locked. She also noticed a cigarette in the center of the living room and she doesn’t smoke.
She also noticed that the dresser drawers in her bedroom were open and someone went through them and that they contained jewelry. As she called the police, she heard the upstairs tenant, the offender, walking around upstairs.
The victim stated that she had items missing in September 2012 and she believed the offender was possibly the person in her apartment today.
When the officer went upstairs to speak with the offender, he noticed a brown pair of slippers that were very wet, on the floor next to the door.
The officer looked at the soles on the slippers and the pattern matched the footprints outside in the snow. The other officer confirmed that the sole pattern of the slippers matched the footprints in the snow outside of the home. The officer also noticed that there was a red box buried in the snow next to the porch.
The offender was placed under arrest. As officers were exiting the house, the offender passed the victim and attempted to talk to her. The victim told the offender that she didn’t want to speak with him as she was crying.
The offender stated to officers that he felt terrible and admitted that he was in the victim’s apartment and went through her drawers because he found keys to her back apartment.
The offender told police that he didn’t take anything though. The officer processed the items buried in the snow and it was a red jewelry box with a pair of gold earrings in it.
The offender stated that he wanted to take something of value because he needed money to pay bills.
The offender also admitted that he had been in the apartment in September 2012 and took 3D television glasses and a clear change container with about $35.20
The offender was held on a felony charge.

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