January 29, 2015

CSAT junior Davis-Patterson plays with passion

Surenaty Davis-Patterson is a co-captain on the CSAT girls basketball team. Photo by Dave Ricci.

Surenaty Davis-Patterson sat on the bench, leaning forward with her head in her hands and face tucked inside her jersey. She feeling helpless as the final minutes ticked away and her CSAT Eagles fell to Albion, 55-43, on Jan. 20.

Davis-Patterson wasn’t just upset that she and her teammates were losing. It goes deeper than that. Davis-Patterson’s pain was born out of the fact that she had fouled out with about three minutes to play and felt that she let her teammates down by not finishing the game.

“Everybody loses, so the losing part is not what hits me. What hits me is when I foul out and I can’t be there to help my team,” Davis-Patterson said as tears slowly trickled down her face. “Sitting on the bench and watching them, I wish I could be out there to help them.”

A junior in her third season of varsity with the Charter School for Applied Technology girls basketball team, Davis-Patterson is not only one of the Eagles best all-around players. She brings that intangible that many great leaders have. The way in which Davis-Patterson carries herself makes those around her feel like they can win every time they step on the floor.

“She’s the heart and soul of the team,” said Lady Eagles coach Lindsey Bergman. “Her and Jordan Frasier represent everything you could ever want out of a basketball player. That’s why they’re both captains. They were named for a reason because they have the emotion. They take everything they have and they put it in (the game) and it never lets up. Even when they’re out of the... Read the rest of this article in Sports


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