October 24, 2014

Buffalo native releases fun and educational children's book

Rachel and Sandi White pose with "Treasures in the Woods."

For parents wanting to teach their kids about nature in a fun way, “Treasures in the Woods” is just what you need. While many educational books might feel like reading a textbook, this book teaches kids using fun rhymes and cool pictures, making learning feel truly fun instead of something they have to do for school. The rhymes give kids a different perspective on seemingly ordinary things, such as flowers, frogs, butterflies, clouds and deer.

Each poem is accompanied by at least one beautiful photograph. Even if you kids are not old enough to read on their own yet, they will love looking at the close-up picture of a bird while you read them the rhyme about the bird.

The author of the book, Sandi White, plans on making this book the first of a series. “I’d like to do this kind of book in other settings as well. For example, things you’ll find a the beach, in the mountains, in the ocean, etc.”

While some children’s books are intended either for entertainment or education, “Treasures in the Woods” accomplishes both in a fun and natural way. “These poems take ordinary things that kids may see all the time, like dandelions, and show a completely different way of looking at them,” White said. “The poems highlight the magic in everyday things.”

Her daughter, Rachel, 20, took all of the photographs used in the book and illustrated the front cover.

White was born in Buffalo but grew up in Tampa, Fla. She has also lived in Colorado and Northern California.

White says she came up with the idea... Read the rest of this article in News


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