December 18, 2014
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Marching On: The 115th installment of the Army Navy game

Army Cadets root on their team during the annual Army Navy game. Photo courtesy of the United States Military Academy.

Baltimore, Maryland - It has been voted as the number one rivalry in the United States. presidents have attended. Secretary of states, generals. Anyone who is anyone has attended this game.

Even in 1963 when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, the game went on weeks later as a form of healing. It is on the bucket list of many who love college football. Who love the pageantry of an event that goes much further than the game on the field.

When people speak of the Army/Navy game, they usually say this is how the game used to be played, should be played. These teams arenít playing for the national title anymore. They donít have players fighting for the Heisman Trophy either. They both still implement the triple-option, just a little different looking than in years past.

But, there is a purity to the game. These young men on the field play for the love of the game, for each other. With a five-year commitment there arenít many players being drafted by the National Football League.

These young men have a different purpose after graduation. They will serve and protect this country from the threat of whatever is going on. While they battle on the field, at the end of the game they become brothers in arms.

ďIt means a lot to me. We get the opportunity to go out and represent a great profession like the Army and we get to compete against another academy knowing that everybody is going to be watching the game,Ē explained Army fullback Larry Dixon. ďThis Navy team is really good. They play really... Read the rest of this article in College Sports

College Sports

Navy wins its 13th in a row over Army

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